In simple words, the working triangle is the location of three main points: the wet zone, the stove and the refrigerator, and your comfortable movement between them. Why is it important to comply? The kitchen should be comfortable and ergonomic. Knowing the scheme of comfortable movement between zones, you can create the most convenient workspace.

Then dirty vegetables will be immediately in the sink, and not unloaded at the stove. Hot water with pasta will not need to be dragged through the kitchen. The stove will not be too close to the sink and everything washed can be immediately cut up and sent to the pan, rather than walking around the kitchen with a cutting board. Thus, less dirt, less unnecessary movement. All that remains is the sheer pleasure of cooking and the total saving of time, which you so want to share with your loved ones.

Table top. The question is serious)

We will be frank and honest about everything. Let’s start with perhaps the most popular option — plastic countertops. It is worth clarifying that it is not entirely made of plastic. This type of worktop consists of a chipboard board and is covered with plastic. Thickness from 26 to 40 mm. From experience, we will say that you should not be afraid of plastic countertops. Technology has gone ahead a long time ago. Such countertops are hygienic, environmentally friendly, odorless, moisture resistant, and shades and textures for every taste. Only they have options for wood structures, which is important when planning a kitchen in a modern or neoclassical style.

Another advantage of the plastic countertop is that for some colors, you can match the wall panel, frame and basement to match. Previously, the countertop for the corner kitchen was connected through a profile. You may have seen this metal strip (often, near the sink), it does not look aesthetically pleasing and is constantly getting dirty.Modern countertops fit perfectly through a special cut and are treated with a sealant.

Therefore, the seam is not so noticeable.

There are special features: It is necessary to ensure that water does not stand at the junction of the two parts of the tabletop. Have washed the dishes — wiped the countertop. And no problem. And we always remind you that the elements of the plastic countertop are not matched in texture (refers to the corner ones), but you can choose a print that will smooth the transition of elements in the docking.

In any case, it looks aesthetically pleasing

In the carousel, a selection of kitchens with plastic worktops in wood texture for clarity. Notice what the joint looks like. ⠀
A plastic tabletop is the most affordable, the most popular and, subject to one elementary rule, will delight you for many years to come! Natural colors in the interior are now more relevant than ever. Shades of green look fresh, but not too extravagant. And in any style. In modern projects and in classic ones, green wins anyway.

We use in combinations and solos.

Mediterranean-style projects with warm sand top create an atmosphere. In modern projects, green, combined with a wood top, gives rise to natural motives. One of the shades of green is recognized as the color of the next year). Note. Fresh, positive and unobtrusive, it works great as an accent in a monochrome interior. Complex and deep shades tend to work well with other complex colors. In our opinion, the best duets with green in the interior happen in shades of brown, white and milky, gray and pale pink.

Fake diamond.

Not so affordable, but so beautiful! Artificial stone has many advantages. To begin with, let’s say that artificial stone is a composite material. Consists of acrylic resin and pigment additives. It is the acrylic resin that makes these countertops so strong and durable. The cost of the stone depends on the size of the inclusions. The larger the grains of sand, the more expensive. Accordingly, monochromatic options without blotches are more affordable. One of the main advantages of a stone is its aesthetics. Seamless connection of several tabletop elements — looks expensive. All countertops will scratch over time, but fake stone can be repolished. The master performs this procedure right at your home. Artificial stone is extremely durable and very strong material. You will be convinced of this in the process of use. The thickness of the slab can be chosen, from light thin to thick monolithic slab with chamfering phrasing.

It is also possible to make custom shapes and sinks from this material. In the carousel, there is a selection of photos demonstrating all the possibilities and advantages of artificial stone, pay attention. Another advantage of such countertops is the possibility of using under-table sinks (glued not on the countertop, but under it). The sink can be chrome-plated or of the same material as the countertop itself. We only want to warn you about one thing: the countertops are, of course, very durable, but you shouldn’t put pans and pots with hot oil on them.

Use a stand

And also not worth it risk and dry tea bags or chopped beets on a light countertop — Strong natural dyes can stain. And even this is fixable, good detergents work wonders.

Chipboard. MDF. Array. What to choose??

Many people are intimidated by these abbreviations. Especially those who order furniture for the first time. Let’s figure it out. Chipboard is a chipboard made by hot pressed wood chips and a binder. MDF is a medium-density fiberboard made by dry pressing of wood chips at high pressure and temperature. Solid wood is a material made entirely of solid wood.

What does all this mean?

Interesting fact 1. All of these materials are completely safe and environmentally tested. They have no effect on the human body. They can be used in children’s rooms, kitchens and healthcare facilities. These are different materials with different characteristics.

Interesting fact 2. You buy chipboard anyway. Why? Because the frame part of any cabinet furniture is made of chipboard. Here’s the fun part.

Fact 3.
The front part can be from chipboard, from mdf and, if desired, from solid wood. And the choice of material will depend … on the style that you adhere to. Everything is much easier than it seems Phrases, frames and other decorative elements are made only on mdf and solid wood. Therefore, the classic style is only in these materials. Chipboard facades will only be flat — this is a modern style.
If desired, modern style can also be done in mdf and solid wood. The first option is less capricious and richer in colors and textures.

Solid wood facades are beautiful. Warm wood, what could be more comfortable. ⠀
The choice is individual, we focus on your preferences. This is interesting, but it belongs to the high price segment.

The agglomerate contains 95% quartz and 5% resin and pigments. There are many advantages of this type of countertops, there are only two disadvantages. Quartz agglomerate has no pores at all, so it does not absorb any liquids or odors 100%.
Put whatever you want, dry tea bags, crush blueberries, beets and whatever your heart desires. He can handle it!

You can also throw away the cutting boards and plan the New Year’s Olivier and herring under a fur coat with the whole family right on the countertop. There will be no scratches left. Hot coasters can also be thrown away, hot pots and pans will withstand

In short, the material is practically vandal-proof. The apron and integrated sink can also be made from agglomerate.
And one more advantage, already of an aesthetic nature — the quartz agglomerate is very beautiful.
You can distinguish it from an artificial stone by these complex color effects, stains and blotches.
The disadvantages of this countertop include only the cost.

And it is impossible not to say that this technology is not seamless. The seams are barely noticeable, but they will be. In dark versions, the seams are not noticeable at all.

What is the technique?

We recommend a minimum set of four built-in appliances.

1. Cooking surface. Gas, electric or induction? We will select the ideal price = quality ratio for you.

2. Oven. How to deal with all the features and what do you pay for? Let’s talk about all the nuances.

3. Hood. An inexpensive and very necessary unit in the kitchen, it will relieve you and your neighbors from pungent odors

4. Even the smallest kitchen can be equipped with a 45 cm dishwasher. But what a savings in time and water.

You can get a built-in refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, separate freezer, washing machine, food waste recycling machine, etc. And you can purchase as needed or in a free-standing «solo» format. Glossy facades. Oh, these throwing. Clients are divided into two types: those who like gloss and those who generally perceive nothing but matte textures.

What do we think?
Gloss in the kitchen is a stylish and effective solution.
Nowadays we often combine glossy and matte textures. Such duets are chosen most often.

What are we paying attention to?
On how the light will fall on the future headset. Therefore, we bring samples and see how it will look on site. Most of all our customers are afraid of gloss care. This is not always so straightforward. On some shades, the spots are noticeable exactly the same as on matte ones. Moreover, even on matte fingerprints and splashes will be noticeable in certain lighting conditions.

If you like it, be sure to choose a gloss.

Take what your soul is in. Because everyone has their own understanding of practicality. So is the idea of ​​the perfect kitchen. After years of popularity of silver and cold shades, gold and warm notes are back with us trends are changing, and now gold is not only for grandiose classic interiors. For modern projects, you can now also pick up stylish minimalist accessories in warm shades.

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