I will say briefly. Literally in three words (no) what awaits us. There will be a rebound soon. Landmark SP500 (4585-4673), but still lower. 4200, 3800 more interesting levels. We haven’t even started the correction. America’s markets are tired. The scenario with growth until spring, and then a collapse spoils the situation. Most likely, the bulls are reading the double top of the SP500 in the height area, no more. In general, things have changed and we need to intervene. It’s not stupid to sit and wait for the bottom for a long time, exits to the mega high, everything is super expensive, the real price of SP 500 is 3500 to the foundation. It’s very deep. Your shares can still drop from 30% to 70%, depending on what kind of stock it is. Here is a correction to 3800-3500 I will buy, but now, right now, the risk is higher than the profit potential. It’s all. Hopefully chewed enough? OKAY ?

China looks better than I thought. Gold is good. The crypto would be good if the Nasdaq hit rock bottom. There is no bottom cut yet. Must wait. Micro-bounces are just flying jumps and nothing more.

The best investments until autumn: China, Gold, Dollar.

Best investments after autumn: gaming companies, crypto, China.

China VS USA. There was no retest by China of the fall. I’m waiting for China up, America down or sideways. This chart gives a very bullish signal

Breakdown of the wedge with its retest and a very confident daily growth. Haven’t had such fat candles for a long time. This is great! China is retesting and going up.

Then a rebound to 555, get out of such a fall, and touch the resistance, well, then 400 down.

Why are you all so outraged by a possible correction of 10-20-30%? Do the Fed protocols scare you too when you’ve been handed a fortune in the last 2 years? Didn’t have time? Well, now wait for the next train in the new cycle in 10 years. In the meantime, an intermediate correction at 22-23 and then an increase to 28-29, where there will be a new big collapse. Exit to 100% cash and wait. If you work short-term, then we expect growth from mid-January to the end of March-mid-April. BUT the market still has to grow by how much? I gave 5-7% of the target, then a one-time correction until October-November (I think until mid-November), and after that the market will barely approach its previous spring highs. Look at the China chart. This is a graph of the future of the United States with a lag of 2 years. By the time the US hits its bottom, China will be halfway to a new growth cycle, that’s the whole plan.


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