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Do you want to travel but stay at home? Maybe you just don’t want it that much? You have little money, but hitchhiking, check-in and reserved seat do not suit you? Hmm, think again, do you really need to travel?

Do you dream of traveling comfortably somewhere? Have you already done something in order to save/earn money for the trip? After all, if you cannot deny yourself a movie, a cafe and extra clothes, then this is more important to you, and not a trip. And the sooner you understand this, the sooner you will answer the question of how to change life for the better.

Reasons why traveling is “impossible”

Do you want everything at once and do not want to infringe on yourself in some way?
Everything is in your hands, do something to make your dreams come true.
Do you have a family, do you have to feed everyone, while still having debts and loans?
— And who forced you to create such a life? Probably, you yourself wanted this, so clear up, solve the existing tasks and only then set new ones.
You are poor and unhappy, and it just so happened that everything is bad in the city (village) and there is neither work nor wages?
— I do not believe in chance, everything in the world happens for a reason, and all responsibility for where you are now lies only with you.

It is clear that there are difficult situations, but most often people themselves do not know what they really want and are engaged in the substitution of their desires. Because it’s easier. It’s easier to tell yourself that I want this and that, but I can’t (have to do something else) for one reason or another, thereby making myself a victim.

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