Smart watches Xiaomi Amazfit Bip are among the top market leaders due to stylish design, wide functionality, excellent autonomy and budget price. They are ideal not only for sports, but also for everyday use. We present a detailed review in English Xiaomi Amazfit Bip.

Contents of delivery

The complete set of watches is modest; they are delivered in a stylish white box made of thick cardboard with a pull-out insert. Thanks to high-quality packaging, watches can be easily ordered remotely using various delivery services.

Inside, the manufacturer put a charger with a non-removable USB cable, it is made in the form of a stand into which the watch is inserted.

Brief instructions and warranty card.

Amazfit Bip in box


In the execution of the appearance, Amazfit Bip resembles an Apple Watch: a square design, a mechanical button, a silicone strap. In black (Bip black), the watch looks neutral and will suit both casual and business wear. If you prefer bright colors, Xiaomi offers a choice of black (onyx black), green (green), red and white colors for the case and straps.

The standard strap is made of elastic soft rubber (width 20 mm), which does not absorb moisture and is anti-allergenic. Fastens with clasps similar to classic watches.

The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, which prevents scratches, and the oleophobic coating makes it less easily soiled.

Clock screen

You can buy bumpers of different colors for your watch and combine them with straps, which are presented on the market in a huge range: from metal to fabric.

There are many video reviews on YouTube, of which it is convenient to familiarize yourself with the appearance of this watch.


Amazfit Bip received a reflective color display (1.28 ”) using E-link technology (electronic paper). The screen resolution is low — 176 * 176 pixels, this is especially noticeable when the backlight is activated in the dark. By the way, the backlight has 5 brightness levels or it can be turned off completely. In the settings, you can set the time range when the backlight will turn on by simply raising your hand.

Thanks to the reflective display, the image on the watch is always active and perfectly visible in bright sunlight.


First of all, it is a sports tracker that tracks the user’s workouts and daily physical activity, but there are also functions that are typical for ordinary electronic watches. Most of the functions are available using the Mi Fit app.

Mi Fit

Heart rate monitor

On the back side of the Beep is an optical heart rate sensor, which is based on the technology of photoplethysmography. Two bright LEDs emit light at the moment of measuring the pulse, and the sensor located in the center records the level of its reflection. For accurate heart rate measurement, the watch must be firmly fixed on the arm (without pinching). It is noted that moisture (such as sweat) getting between the sensor and the skin will negatively affect the accuracy of the readings.

Beeps allow you to keep track of heart activity throughout the day, taking measurements at certain time intervals, which can be configured in Mi Fit. In sports program mode, heart rate measurements are taken non-stop, which allows the athlete to keep the pulse in the desired zone.

Sleep monitoring

The watch allows you to study the quality of sleep based on the data of the heart rate monitor and the 3-axis position sensor. When synchronizing with Mi Fit, in the corresponding section you can find information about the start time of sleep, its end, the number of slow and fast phases, tips for improving sleep and comparison with other users.

Sleep analysis

This is an interesting feature, thanks to which you can experiment with falling asleep time, etc., correlating with how you feel in the morning.


Beeps do not have a built-in speaker, and vibration is used for notifications and alarms, but, however, with constant wearing of the watch, this is not a drawback. But the lack of the ability to set the alarm on the watch itself is really a problem. All settings are made in the Mi Fit program on the smartphone, and the watch only allows you to activate / deactivate the selected alarm clock.

Also, unlike the Mi Band 4 bracelets, Amazfit Bip does not have a “smart alarm” function — the device tracks sleep phases and wakes up when the fast phase comes, this makes it easier to wake up.


To maintain health, doctors recommend walking at least 8 thousand steps a day. With the help of Amazfit, it is very easy to make counting, you can even set up an alert about achieving a goal in N number of steps.

Barometer and compass

Thanks to the built-in barometer, you can understand the current atmospheric pressure. And an electronic compass will help you navigate the terrain. It has been noticed that metal bracelets can affect the accuracy of the compass reading.



Unfortunately, the contactless payment method for purchases is only available in China. In the summer of 2019, representatives of Mastercard and Xiaomi at the international economic forum discussed the possibility of integrating services — this suggests that contactless payment using Beeps (this applies to all Xiaomi products with NFC chips) will become available in your country.


Autonomy is one of the strongest aspects of Amazfit Bip, which clearly sets them apart from the competition. According to the manufacturer, the watch can operate on a single charge for up to 45 days. On average, users on the Internet write about 30 days, which is an excellent result, given that, for example, for Apple Watch, this indicator barely reaches 2 days.

This autonomy is achieved thanks to the reflective display, which is constantly active, but consumes very little power. Consumption occurs at the time of information renewal, i.e. we can conclude that using third-party dials with seconds or numbers, you can increase energy consumption at times.

Clock and phone


Amazfit Bip is an excellent replacement for expensive fitness trackers, which has wide functionality, reliability, good appearance and autonomy. This is an ideal solution for practical people who are not chasing trends and novelties.

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